Why Hand-code?

Unique design

Efficient code

Customized to fit your needs

I've been asked why I like to hand-code my sites, rather than use a Content Management System (CMS), such as WordPress. I've used WordPress and WildApricot, and they are appropriate for some sites. WildApricot is a nice (albeit expensive) alternative that allows integration of a member database, event registration, dues, and email lists. WordPress is great blogging software. But, for most sites that I create, hand-coding is my top choice.

Hand-coding allows me to create a totally unique site for you. If creativity is important to you, then you'll want your site to reflect that, and not use a template that has a generic look. Although templates allow customization, this can be tedious and limited to customize. Hand-coding allows full flexiblility, to make your site have a distinctive, unique look.

Hand-coding allows me to fully customize your site with the functionality that you need. This may mean creating a database, which allows for faster, less error-prone updates for you. And, if you have frequent updates, I can create a unique CMS for your database that allows you to easily update your own site. (An example of this is an architectural site I created with a full backend to allow the client to add/remove/change projects and images.)

Hand-coding also means that the website contains only the code that you need; it is efficient and streamlined, which translates to faster loading sites that won't use up your visitors bandwidth.

Sites that are hand-coded can still integrate blogs, albums, and forums to make use of ready made applications (like WordPress and Album software).

Updates to your hand-coded site usually take just minutes. Even adding a new page won't take long. And, I can give you quick, reliable maintenance for your site so your site can stay up to date and continue to grow in size and functionality at a reasonable cost. You can focus on your business, while I focus on your website.

CMS Appropriate for a blog.
Can be quick and cheap to create.
Uses a template, so some loss of uniqueness.
Can be tedious to customize.
Can be difficult to integrate with custom functionality.
"Bloated", unnecessary code.
Hand-coding Unique site.
Lightweight, no 'code-bloat'.
Will fully meet your needs for customization.
Edits are usually inexpensive.
Blogs, albums, forums can all be easily integrated.
May take some time to code and debug.
May cost more.

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